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Meet a Post Pet: Zoey from Uptown Dallas

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Loyal followers of the Post Properties blog may have noticed an unintentional bias in our Meet a Post Pet series. We’ve had Bear Jr. the pup from Post Chastain, Frankie the French Bulldog from Post South Lamar, and Kanga the Beagle/Labrador Retriever. What’s missing?

No cats.

The famous neurologist and father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud once said, “time spent with cats is never wasted.” It was one of the less crazy things Freud said, and one that still stands true today.

It’s in this spirit we called Zoey, the charming calico cat living at one of Post’s communities in Uptown Dallas.

Zoey, a renaissance cat who loves music and dancing, and catnip, talked to us about her life, family, and her favorite spots to stretch out at home.

*This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Post Properties: Thanks for inviting us over. You look great!

Zoey: Thank you! I’ve been working out a bit recently.

PP: Oh yeah? What do you do? Are you a Crossfitter?

Zoey: Are you crazy? No, no. I’ve been running. I sprint in circles around the apartment. It’s kind of like parkour. You remember parkour? I’ll run, launch myself onto the couch cushion, and then jump over the back of the couch, run under the chair, that kind of thing. It’s good to switch things up and keep the body guessing.

PP: That’s good. Do you work out by yourself or with someone?

Zoey: Normally my roommate Kelly will put some music on and we’ll work out together. She’s more conventional. She’ll run on the treadmill and I’ll do my cat parkour.

PP: How many roommates do you have?

Zoey: Just Kelly. But she’s more than a roommate. She’s like a sister. We’ve known each other 37 years [Ed note: five years in human years].

PP: How did you meet?

Zoey: We actually met in Miami in 2010. I’d been having a rough go at it, but was taken in by a wonderful organization called The Cat Network, a Florida not-for-profit dedicated to helping homeless and abandoned cats. The folks at The Cat Network introduced me to Kelly, we hit it off and Kelly brought me home.

PP: It sounds like Kelly really takes care of you.

Zoey: Absolutely. And I look out for her, as well. When people come over, I stare them down and make sure they’re good people before I let them in. Once they pass the stare down test, I’m a pretty welcoming host.

PP: Do you like hosting people?

Zoey: Kelly and I love having people over. We have a nice space for it. We’ll put on some tunes and boogie down.

PP: We’ve heard that about you. You like music, huh?

Zoey: Love it, love it, love it. I’m a Top 40 kind of girl, but really l like everything. Kelly and I will pump up the jams and get into a nice groove in the apartment.

PP: What is your favorite spot in the apartment?

Zoey: I’m a big fan of the balcony. I’m an indoor cat, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to feel the wind in my whiskers. Going out on the balcony is quite the thrill. I also love taking catnaps on the couch and on the bed. We get pretty good sunlight in the apartment, so I like to stretch out in front of the windows and feel the sunshine. I guess I have a few favorite spots.

PP: It sounds like it. Well, it’s a nice place. I like how you’ve decorated.

Zoey: Thank you.

PP: This has been great. I appreciate you taking some time to speak with us.

Zoey: Actually before I let you go, I have a quick question for you, something I’ve always been curious about.

PP: Sure. What’s up?

Zoey: What’s with humans and laser pointers. You guys love laser pointers.

PP: I’m not sure I understand.

Zoey: You’re like entranced when we play with the laser pointer. You love it.

PP: We thought you loved the laser pointer.

Zoey: We dance around because we know you like it.

PP: We play with the pointer because we thought you like it.

Zoey: You don’t say.

PP: It’s the truth.

Zoey: Well, I’m glad I asked.

PP: Feel good?

Zoey: I do. Thanks for coming by.

PP: Thank you!