Inspired by the Service We Deliver,
Post HOPE Foundation Gives Back

At Post, providing unparalleled service is what we do – we also happen to really enjoy it! For many of us, this was a major factor in choosing to work at Post. Inspired by this tradition of service, Post HOPE began in the early days of our company. A 501(c)(3) foundation since 2004, Post HOPE Foundation, Inc. facilitates service projects, coordinates giving programs, and assists with fundraising efforts.

Headed by a Board of Directors, with assistance from an Advisory Committee comprised of Post associates from every market we serve, the success of this program also comes from the widespread involvement of over 600 associates. Rather than select a single company-wide cause, we give our associates the flexibility to choose – and sometimes even create – programs inspired by their experiences in local communities.

Post HOPE Work Day, An Extraordinary Day of Service

One day each year, Post associates come together as a team to help those in the communities where we work and live. In each of the markets where we do business, we organize community projects that benefit deserving charities. To encourage company-wide participation, we close our offices so that every Post associate can be involved. Whether building a playground in an inner city school, doing custodial work at the National Zoo, landscaping in city parks, or participating in a home build with Habitat for Humanity, our associates find this day to be incredibly fulfilling.

Keeping Hope Alive Year Round

Although the Post HOPE Work Day is its largest event, Post HOPE also sponsors additional fundraisers throughout the year. Two events, “Strokes for HOPE” golf tournaments and “Strikes for HOPE” bowl-a-thons, are held in our local communities, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a range of charitable organizations, such as Operation Homefront in the Washington DC metro area, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and Promise House in Dallas. We also have Friday “Jeans Days” where associates make a $5 contribution to wear jeans to work, with proceeds going to Post HOPE charities.

The Post HOPE Foundation Mission

In our neighborhoods and communities, and within our corporate headquarters, Post HOPE Foundation is an important part of our culture and the Post tradition of service.

The Post HOPE Mission: We provide Help for those in need with donations of time, money and resources from our associates and residents; Heart for the communities we serve by leading as a conscientious corporate citizen; and Hope for all by giving our best to those who need it most.

Join us in giving back! Please send your donations to: Post HOPE Foundation, Inc., 4401 Northside Parkway, Suite 800, Atlanta, Georgia 30327, or contact us at: .